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Matthews’ statuary, sculpted images, silhouettes and feature plaques add greater beauty to any installation. Our designs include religious, patriotic, veterans, and general use images. Matthews also offers donor recognition trees in several styles and sizes.

If you are looking for a truly unique work of art, Matthews’ artists and sculptors can turn any creative idea into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind sculptural work.

Sculpture is one of the most revered disciplines of art. In fact, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia and the Colossus of Rhodes are two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Bronze is the perfect material for statuary because it offers the four D’s: detail, design, dimension and durability.

Matthews uses the traditional lost wax process to create full-round statues. Our foundries are equipped to producestatuary in unique shapes and sizes as well as complex designs.

Our Masterpiece Collection offers richly crafted religious figures such as Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Pieta. There are also patriotic works such as the Classic American Eagle and general use works such as heliochronometers and sundials.

Hand-crafted bronze figures accented with multi-colored patination are the newest additions to Matthews' statuary collection.

The acquisition of Caggiati S.p.A., the leading supplier of bronze memorialization and statuary in Europe enables Matthews to offer an expanded collection of distinctive, elegant statuary.

Our designers will work with you to determine which types of statuary or decorative art will have the greatest impact in a selected space. Many times, artist renderings and photographs of similar installations are available.

Sculpted Images
Sculpted images, three-dimensional portraits or representations of various scenes, are economical alternatives to full-round sculptures.

Images sculpted in bronze are used in public buildings, parks, houses of worship and cemeteries. They can be placed on plaques or monoliths of granite, brick or other materials. They enhance traditional and contemporary architecture.

These bronze sculptures can be created to represent religious figures, to honor leaders, illustrate concepts or to commemorate historic events. Virtually any size can be cast in bronze.

Matthews offers many sculpted religious figures such as the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady with Angels, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Francis and St. Joseph. Nearly any image can be sculpted in clay. Color or black-and-white photographs of the person, place or objects must be provided, and the complexity of the subject determines the sculpting time.

For Queen of Heaven Cemetery near Toronto, Canada. Matthews cast 40 six-foot-tall sculptures depicting religious figures such as Our Lady of Fatima and the Holy Family, as well as saints who have deep meaning in that community.


Feature Plaques
Matthews offers a wide selection of religious, patriotic, veterans and general use feature plaques.

Often, a meaningful verse is surrounded by sculpted images illustrating the theme of the work. The popular “Footprints” plaque blends a verse with sculpted images to create a beautiful work of art.

Matthews feature plaques can be cast in foreign languages or with Oriental, Arabic and Hebrew characters. They can also be custom-colored to match decor and furnishings.

Matthews is one of the world's premier designers of feature plaques for veterans and military groups. Our tributes to veterans from World War I through the Persian Gulf War are in cemeteries and public squares throughout the world, including Arlington National Cemetery.

Feature plaques are some of our most high-profile projects. Matthews cast the colorful “America the Beautiful” plaque, situated on the summit of Pikes Peak. This 54˜ x 89˜ feature was unveiled and dedicated on July 4, 1993 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of when Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” on that site.

Silhouettes, finely-detailed outlines of an image or scene, can be more economical to install because they require less detail than full-round sculptures or sculpted images.

Silhouettes are installed in colleges and universities, hospitals, public buildings, houses of worship, parks and cemeteries.

A silhouette can be installed on virtually any surface — granite, stone, marble, stucco.

Matthews' bronze images of the Cross and Resurrection, the Dove of Peace, and the Madonna and Child are often requested by Catholic organizations.

Color also can be added to silhouettes. There is an endless palette of colors available to match a building's decor.

Donor Recognition Trees
Many organizations use bronze donor recognition trees to decorate lobbies and corridors. Donor trees can be found in hospitals, universities, churches, cemeteries and funeral homes. They often recognize people who contribute funds for special projects.

Matthews offers two styles of Donor Recognition Trees in 12 sizes.

Our traditional cast bronze trunk is oxidized and highlighted to enhance the metal's beauty. Clear lacquer protects the bronze as it develops a natural golden patina.

We also offer a highly-polished contemporary cut-out brass trunk.

Matthews also designs custom donor trees and contributor recognition walls.