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Lasting Memories Gallery™

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Newsletter Vol. I, #1
Newsletter Vol. I, #2

Matthews manufactured this eight-foot cast bronze mural celebrating the life of Pope John Paul II for the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, DC. This one-of-a-kind work of art will serve as a lasting tribute honoring the memory of the Holy Father.
  The non-vase, individual Lasting Memories™ memorial shown is a biography in bronze. It includes photographic images depicting military service, hobbies, honors and employment.
The Our Lady of the Rosary companion memorial shown is one of the Lasting Memories™ Designs that enables people to express their religious devotion.   Lasting Memories™ Portraits can be added to any memorial design to capture the true personality of the individual being memorialized.
With Lasting Memories™ Designs, such as the Angelic companion memorial shown here, families can express their religious devotion without the cost of creating a custom product.
  Lasting Memories™ Montage memorials allow families to transform treasured photos into meaningful memorialization. A Montage companion with vase is shown.
For those wishing to convey their patriotism, Lasting Memories™ Designs includes a distinctive background with images representative of the United States. A 24” x 14” individual memorial is shown.   Lasting Memories™ Portraits provide a higher level of personalization to IMPact Custom Memorials.
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